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When to Wear a Tiara

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The tiara is by definition one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry a woman can wear. It is mostly associated with royalty, and is worn as a sign of royal descendence instead of the classical crown. Queen Elizabeth for instance, is famous for her beautiful tiaras; she only wears her crown at special, official events; princesses Diana and Kate also shared tiaras which were offered to them by the Queen herself. Although we will never be royalty, we can still feel like princesses and wear tiaras on our wedding days. Being a bride is the perfect occasion to wear a special tiara, but other than that, it is unlikely you will ever stumble upon an event where wearing it won’t make you look pretentious and even ridiculous.

When the Tiara Suits

As with the rest of your wedding jewelry, the tiara should only be chosen after you’ve decided on your dress. Some types of wedding dresses are not suitable with a tiara; if your dress has a complex design, with lots of frills, ruffles, lace, crystals, pearls and bows, then a tiara would be too exaggerated. In fact, an overly decorated dress should be worn with minimal, very delicate jewelry. If, however, you have opted for a simple dress, you can start thinking about an appropriate tiara. On a side-note, shorter dresses are also not that appropriate with a tiara.

Choosing the Tiara

Once you’ve decided to wear a tiara, you have to start looking for one that suits your face shape. Women with oval faces can wear almost any kind of tiara, but in general they should avoid those with a high peak at the center, so it doesn’t elongate the features too much. Instead, these should be worn by those with a round, full face, or those with squarish features; the peak will smoothen your features and give symmetry. A longer face is suitable for lower tiaras, and you can go for thicker models, that sort of resemble a crown, or that come in one full piece. Some tiaras are only adorned on one side and they can be very suitable with asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles. When you pinpoint the type that is suitable for you, start trying them on. Tiaras have sizes, much like rings, clothes or other items of the kind. Moreover, even if a tiara fits you well, and is the type indicated for your features, you may discover that it does not look good on you. Keep looking and try various sources, so you get to see more models and choose something you can be certain is flattering.

Wearing the Tiara

A tiara is usually more suited for updos, low and high buns, or for half-up half-down hairstyles; it will be the focal point of your hairstyle, so you don’t have to over complicate with lots of curls, or any other hair accessories. If you will be doing your bridal hairstyle at the salon, the hair stylist will pin the tiara for you, but if you’re doing it at home, you need to practice a few times to make sure it will be well fixed without bothering you. The tiara mustn’t be so loose that it falls over, nor must it be so tight that you feel it all around. The easiest way to mask the clipping is by twisting your hair on the sides and pull that hair over the tiara’s edges, securing it with well hidden bobby pins. Another important detail is how you recline the tiara; it should sit loosely on the crown of your head; not too tilted at the front, nor at the back. It should not reach your forehead, but rather rest right behind the hairline.

If you decide to wear the tiara with your hair down, we advise you to consider some blonde or light brown hair color ideas because lighter shades go best with tiaras as they add a touch of faerie characteristic to the tiara’s fairytale vibe. If you have dark skin and you don’t think that blonde or light brown hair color ideas would suit you, at least go for some lighter highlights. Chocolate or caramel highlights will add warmth and glamor to your overall look.

Ultimately, the tiara is also about attitude; in most circumstances, it is a very elegant accessory suitable for delicate, refined women. However, it can be suitable for more active, dynamic brides as well, especially since there are so many variations of this accessory available. All in all, the tiara can make you feel like a real princess on your wedding day, and you should not be afraid to use it to accessorize your wedding dress.