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Wedding reception

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What is a wedding reception? Everyone that has been at least once in their life to such an event know that a wedding reception is the celebration that comes after the bride and the broom are officially married. It usually takes some hours, until late in the night and is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy this beautiful moment of love.

So, once the marriage ceremony was done, the guests move towards a special location, usually a restaurant, where they start the official party. They feel free to have fun, dance until they fall on the floor because of being so tired and therefore, they manage to forget about their habitual concerns. Is the necessary attitude that must be present in every guest’s heart in order to sympathize with the newly-weds.

It is the first event on which the new couple attends their friends and families for the first time. It is like the first party they have organized as a bride and a broom and they first step they make as a couple. Apart from the famous wedding cake that cannot miss from any wedding, there are some different plates present in every case, depending on the financial and social condition of the organizers. As hosts, they have to take care of offering food, drink, cakes and everything in order to assure a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The location for the wedding ceremony must be a clean and large one, depending on the number of guests. The music should combine more genres, starting with pop-rock and ending up with folkloric rhythms, as the tradition requires it.

The wedding reception is said to take place during the afternoon, right after the newly-weds have signed the official papers that recognize their status, and starts with some refreshments. Therefore, the menu includes two different plates and a desert, with enough drinks and alcohol for every guest.

The music and the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony must be coordinated by a DJ that has enough experience in this type of events and knows exactly how to keep the guests on the dance floor. The manner in which the location is decorated also influences a lot the whole reception, because encourages people to feel happy and ready to party or remind them of their worries and personal problems.

Some fresh flowers, with some beautiful colors for the wedding accessories and arrangements need to be taken into account when planning a wonderful wedding reception. You can find some really interesting and fresh ideas for flower arrangements on Flowers Avenue, as well as reliable information on which types of flowers are more appropriate for this kind of events. As long as the newly-weds encourage their guests to join their feeling of happiness in this special day of their life, the wedding itself should be a perfect memory for every single guest!