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Wedding Planning Tasks that You Can Delegate

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Planning a wedding is supposed to be the most wonderful activity for a young woman, as it allows her to make sure that she will get the special day that she had always dreamed of. However, when you dream about planning a wedding, you only see the bright side. On the dark side, there are countless tiny details that you need to check by yourself, because you don’t trust anyone else to do it. However, if you really want to avoid turning into Bridezilla and you want to manage to get to the altar without being completely exhausted; you will have to learn to trust your friend and family with some of the wedding responsibilities. Here are just a few wedding planning tasks that you can delegate and a few helpful delegating tips:

Wedding planning tasks that you can delegate without worries

This is a no-brainer but just in case that not everybody knows this yet, the maid of honor should be in charge of the bachelorette party. At these parties, there are two ways of handling the expenses. If the bride has a [articular thing in mind, she usually offers to pay. If the bridesmaids plan the party as a surprise, they usually divide the expenses between themselves. Regardless of that, it is not the bride’s job to plan her own bachelorette party. As far as the bridal party outfits go, the bride should provide some guidelines for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, but she shouldn’t waste any time going shopping with them. The guest list and the seating chart can be a headache, but only if you forget to ask your parents and your in-laws for help. You can also ask friends to help you with addressing wedding invitations and putting together guest gift bags.

Wedding day tasks

During the wedding day, there are some tasks that will need to be handled by some of your friends and family. Make sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do. Some of the things that you will have to delegate include: looking after the guest gook, seating people ( a job best performed by men), flower transportation, handing out confetti and so on.

Important delegating tips

The key to successfully delegating wedding planning tasks is to not overwhelm your helpers. If possible, delegate a single task to each of the persons helping you. Keep a list of the people to whom you delegated the tasks and ask them for task completion statuses from time to time. When it comes to more complex tasks, you can include several people on the same mission. A fun way to get people to help with the wedding planning process is to divide them into teams and assign a mission for each team. You can have Team Flowers, Team Dessert and so on.