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Wedding invitations

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When your boyfriend has decided to ask you to marry him, you accept and then start planning the wedding. The whole process seems to be an overwhelming one filled with stressful moments, large periods of time spent in order to choose the right place, the right flowers, the suitable food and environment, but most of all, time spent in order to decide on the most beautiful wedding invitations.

These represent the first elements that announce your happy event and they are usually representative for the wedding that is about to come. Why that? Because the way they address to the recipients and the manner they are being offered describe the general atmosphere that will surround the whole wedding. If you choose to send friendly, warm and joyful wedding invitations texts, you will notice people will come with a positive attitude, slightly relaxed and ready to party.

On the other hand, if you choose to use a formal, elegant and sophisticated style, it means your wedding will be surrounded by a classic and fancy flavor. Nothing to be blamed, though, because you plan your wedding the way you want it to be. As far as the period of time when wedding invitations have to be sent is concerned, there are between 30 and 40 days that need to be taken into account, before the date of this unique event. In this manner your guests will have the necessary time to decide on whether to attend it or not, whether they are available in that day or they have to work and the list goes on. It is a formality many couples had to obey, even though they have decided to marry in less than a month.

The custom of sending the wedding invitations depends from one corner of the world to another, as people treat it in different manners. For example, for the Western couples, this is an honorable step their parents take in order to announce their children’s weddings. The mother of the future wife is the one that takes care of spreading the news to everyone and handing in the invitations.

For her it is a privilege, because every mother is happy to announce her daughter’s marriage. It means she has raised her child in a healthy manner, has offered her an adequate education and now she is ready to head into life next to the man she has chosen.

Throughout time, the significance of this custom has been slightly modified, but the pride with which a mother offers the wedding invitations for her daughter’s future event is impossible to be put into words.