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Wedding Day Schedule

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A well planned wedding day schedule will certainly ensure that you will arrive in time at your own wedding, which is mandatory for every bride and groom, as well. There are already too many emotions involved in the organizing of a wedding and that flow in the air during the big day, so it is best to have everything prepared in advance.

Even though you cannot control everything, such as traffic jams or any other aspects as such that simply cannot be managed by you or any other person that helps you with the wedding, a wedding day schedule is far more than just important, it is crucial. Therefore we have enclosed in this article a wedding day schedule drafted by hour.

09:00 Making your hair and face makeup may take an hour, depending on your number of bridesmaids and on the hairstyle chosen. Be sure to allow extra 15 minutes for each of your bridesmaids added to the time estimated by your hair and makeup artist. This is an important part of the wedding day schedule so be sure to be the last one to be styled, so you can look the freshest.

10:00 Photographs of the bride being prepared are a tradition, so by the time the photographer and videographer arrive your hair should be almost done, because shampoo shots are not that cute.

11:00 The second photographer (if you have one) should be there to take photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready.

12:00 Some time must be saved for the drive to the dressing location (family home or a hotel room), if the bride and bridesmaids are not already at the location.

12:30 Lunch will be served and the flower bouquets will arrive at the location where the bride is.

13:00 This is the time for some portrait shots of the bride and her bridesmaids, with any other important family member who is present (for example, parents and siblings).

14:15 It is time to go to the ceremony location, an important part of the wedding day schedule. Reserve time for unexpected traffic jams and delays, even though the other drivers usually show respect when seeing the white ribbons decorating your car, and they permit you to glide on by.

15:00 The ceremony starts. Everyone will be watching the bride, so hopefully we will be looking perfect by then.

15:30 After photos of you and the groom have been taken you will head to the location of the wedding party. You need to get there before your guests do.

17:00 Congratulations! All you need to do now is have a great time and part with your groom and other guests.

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