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Wedding day checklist

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Have you got any idea about how to make your own wedding day checklist? You need to keep in mind plenty of details, to be attentive not to miss anything and avoid making the same thing twice. This is why having your list prepared is nothing but a matter of time and choice. If you consider this option a suitable one for this important event in your life, things will get a lot easier for you.
You have to start with the vendors. See if everything is OK, every direction you offered has been respected by them and if they have any questions, get ready to talk to them. After all, it is you the one who is interested in everything to be perfect. Ask for their phone numbers so that you know exactly who to call if anything goes wrong.

The next thing to take into account is to get ready for the payments. Check out if there is any bill to pay and avoid having unpleasant surprises right before the wedding. You can even consider paying sums of money in advance to vendors and, if possible, pay the vendors from the very beginning.

Try considering an insurance policy. For example, after having paid your vendors all the costs, ask them to sign for the money they have received and avoid dealing with claims like you never paid them or you still have money to give them.

On your wedding day checklist there should also be the envelopes. Try to choose some representative envelopes for the people who are going to be on duty on your wedding, like the staff, the DJ or waiters. Also, think of having some extra sums of money just in case there might appear any additional expenses that you need to cover.

As far as your luggage is concerned, try doing it as early as possible, mainly if you are going to spend the night at the hotel. As the main character of this event, you need to make sure you have already brought everything you want in order to be ready within a couple of minutes. Maybe you do not want your guests to wait for you or maybe it would be a smart choice to arrive before everyone does. What would it happen if the bride is waiting on the queue for the guest to make the check in at the hotel?

There is no doubt that the honeymoon has to be organized in every detail and if you have enough time to think of your wedding day checklist, this aspect should be among the first ones. Make your luggage, pay attention to the plane tickets and the money you are ready to spend and avoid making changes in the last minute. Even if your wedding is supposed to be the main event for which you are making all the preparations, the honeymoon is by far what matters most for the young recently married couple.