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Wedding Checklist by Month

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No matter if you agree making your wedding checklist by month or you simply want someone else to do it for you, the truth is that you can always count on our advice, so that the whole process gets easier. Right before your wedding, let’s say three months before, you need to think of several important aspects of this important event.

For the beginning you need to think of someone who is going to take the photographs for you and if you have some preferences related to some photos that you insist on being taken in certain places, makes a list with all your ideas. Find the right wedding photographer and give him all the details related to your requirements.

The menu for your wedding party is also important, so take some time to discuss with the caterer and make some clear choices for what you want your guests to eat. Try to make a balance between your investment in food quality and variety and the way you want to impress your guests.

When you make a wedding checklist by month, do not forget to include there the details about the ceremony. Plan a meeting with the person that is in charge with it and set up everything. Equally, the wedding vows are also important for you and your soul mate, so take your time and write them carefully.

Right before making this significant change into your life, make sure that you can participate to every bridal shower that your friends organize. It is a funny party that you have to attend, because otherwise you will be wasting some serious opportunities of enjoying your still unmarried status.

As far as the wedding invitations are concerned, make sure everybody received all the details and the invitations and ask them to confirm if they can attend the ceremony and the party. And last, but not least, look for someone to arrange your make-up on your wedding day and make your hair look stunning! Look for the perfect wedding dress and shoes and try to ask your tailor change anything that does not suit your tastes! After all, it is supposed to be the most important day in your life and you have to look more than amazing!

In the end, after having written all these steps on your wedding checklist by month, you can congratulate yourself for having made some significant steps and can get ready to make new ones!