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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas

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If you want to achieve an original look for your wedding day, you should opt for a unique wedding dress that can help you stand out from the crowd, and let people see your bold personality. Furthermore, you must realize the fact that you will never get the chance to wear something so out of the ordinary, so you should replace the traditional wedding dress with something more exuberant and sophisticated. We present you some fashionable gown ideas, but also some practical ideas that will help you wear your wedding dress more than once.

The Siamese trouser wedding gown

According to the 2014’s fashion trends, wearing a dress over pants is very stylish, and it appears that wedding dress designers have started to use this style, as well. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Jessica Biel made a few appearances wearing long dresses over pants, so it seems that this trend was adopted very fast by the Hollywood stars. Siamese trouser wedding gowns have a minimalist design, and they usually integrate satin pants, which highlight the nice leg line, and a large train at the back, which is full of texture and luster, adding a beautiful finish to the overall dress.

The “2 in 1” wedding dress

The “2 in 1” wedding dress is actually a full dress that can be worn in different ways. Therefore, you will be able to wear it as a gown, but you can also wear it as a short dress from once in a while. The fact that it includes a skirt and a short white dress gives you the opportunity to combine these two elements in order to create different outfits. So, you will be able to wear the simple, short dress by draping a colorful blazer over it and accessorizing it with statement necklaces, or statement earrings.

Amazing wedding dresses with side slits

Wearing a side slit wedding dress for your special day is one of the latest trends in bridal gowns. Furthermore, it allows you to show the beautiful line of your legs, without exposing too much skin. So, you can be confident that everyone will envy the groom for marrying such a beautiful woman, and you will feel more glamorous than ever.

Short wedding dresses

If you want to feel comfortable on your big day, we advise you to replace the long, heavy gown with a short wedding dress. That will help you dance without worrying that someone will step on your dress, but what matters that most is that you won’t get hot due to all the layers that long dresses include. However, keep in mind to opt for a dress that contains beaded accents and lace motifs, because only that way you will manage to get that bridal look that every girl dreams about.