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Two Amazing Wedding Theme Ideas

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Although having a wedding theme involves putting more efforts to make everything match, we guarantee you that the results will be more than satisfying, and that you won’t regret making this decision. A wedding theme helps you create a story and add a certain vibe to the entire event. If you don’t know what would work best for your special day, you can choose one of the ideas that we prepared for you.

Fairytale wedding theme

The celebration of the love that you and your fiance have for each other should be highlighted by magical elements that can turn your wedding day into a fairy tale. Every girl dreams to look like a princess when her big day arrives, so why shouldn’t you choose a fairytale decor as well? In order to achieve your goal, we advise you to opt for an outdoor wedding reception that can give you the freedom to use amazing wedding decorations. Here are some ideas that you can use:

  • Make fairies in a jar by cutting glow sticks, pouring the content into a jar and adding glitter in order to create amazing sparkles;

  • Hang white balloons from a tree’s branches to create a great spot for taking pictures. Keep in mind to place a marble inside each one of the balloons before blowing them up, because that will help them to stay in place during the reception.

  • Add crystals to the trees’ branches to create a magical effect that will add an amazing amazing vibe to the ambiance.

  • Mark the entryway with a beautiful wedding arch that is decorated with colorful flowers. Hanging a chandelier from the arch will add a sophisticated touch to the entire place, and it will make your wedding look like a royal event.

  • Prepare fairy wings for all the children that are going to participate in your wedding, and ask them to wear them during the reception. We guarantee you that all the little ones will love the idea.

Winter wonderland wedding theme

Lighting is the simplest way to highlight the overall feel that you want to transmit to your guests. Furthermore, for a blizzard-inspired design, we advise you to use blue lights around the perimeter of the location, and pin spots to make the room glow. Keep in mind that for a winter wonderland theme you have to use a a white and silver wedding color palette, so you should opt for white flowers as centerpieces. Hanging 3 to 4 strands of crystals underneath your floral centerpieces will add some extra bling to the decor and it will make the whole room look stunning. So, make sure that you pay attention to these details if you want to create an amazing ambiance.