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Tips and Ideas for Organizing a Gorgeous Shabby Chic Wedding

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The shabby chic theme is very delicate and feminine, thus perfect for a wedding. If you have your heart set on such a shabby chic wedding, before you start buying things, you need to understand a few things about this theme. In this article, we have gathered some tips which will help you better understand what defines this wedding theme. We also found some great shabby chic decorating ideas that you might find to be very useful, especially if you are planning your wedding on a tight budget.

The difference between the shabby chic theme and the rustic theme

A lot of rustic weddings have some shabby chic decor elements (such as chandeliers), and that is perfectly acceptable. However, shabby chic events should have no rustic elements. Therefore, we thought that it would be wise to establish some differences between these two themes. For starters, Rustic weddings use natural, earth colors in combination with white or ivory. Shabby chic events on the other hand focus on white and pastels and avoid earthy tones altogether. As far as the materials used for the decor of such weddings, the rustic events feature an abundance of unfinished wood. However, for shabby chic weddings, finishes are essentials. Metal decor elements such as candlesticks, decorative bird cages or vintage vases should have either a white paint finish of a glossy silver finish. The rusty (authentically vintage) metal decoration used as rustic weddings have no place at a shabby chic wedding. Furthermore, burlap is only acceptable at chic weddings when it is combined with lace. The picture featured above illustrated perfectly the difference between the shabby chic and the rustic concept. With the first style, you take something old and you make it chic (usually by restoring it. With the second style, you use old worn out items and use them as they are.

Where can you find shabby chic decorations?

You can ding glossy silver decorations at most decor stores. However, if you can find any cheap decorations, than a flea market is your best option. Here, you can also find other types of vintage decorations. Here’s a useful tip that will surely come in handy: most decor elements can be given a chic vibe if they are painted white. This applies to furniture, photo frames and so on. While at the flea market, also keep an eye for vintage bird cages, retro suitcase and old photo cameras or typewriters (they don’t need to work; they only need to have a strong vintage vibe).

DIY decoration ideas

When it comes to making your own shabby chic wedding decorations, lace, twine and burlap are your best friends. Basically, any decor element can be given a shabby vibe if it is wrapped with any of the three elements previously mentioned. For example, you can take plain mason jars, wrap some burlap around them add some lace (the lace band should be thinner than the burlap band). You can also take some old books, wrap them with a lace ribbon and use them as table decor. Birds and roses are also a big part of the shabby chic theme so any items featuring such designs are welcomed. A very cheap decor idea involves making a bird paper wreath. Simply print a bird design and use its outline in order to cut small paper birds that you can later stick to some twine and create a lovely shabby garland. If on your trip to the flea market, you happened to come across some incomplete, rose themed tea sets, with some wicks and some melted wax, you can make your own shabby chic candles. If you are interested in a tutorial for these candles, you can find more information here. Spread several of these candles on the wedding table and you will obtain lovely table decors.