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Symbolic Meanings for Your Wedding Flowers

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The flowers are one of the most important details of a wedding’s decorations, but they have a much more powerful meaning and role in our lives. The flower industry, one of the largest in the world, is based on producing things that generally have no real use in life, except that of pure pleasure. Everyone enjoys the sweet, versatile perfume of flowers and their delicate and striking colors, which is why we use them with every special occasion. In fact, people who are already married and even singles grow wedding flowers in their garden, because they are very delicate and beautiful. You can even offer them as gardening gifts for women!


The History of Flowers

In olden times, each flower was attributed a special meaning or symbolism, and thus lovers could send each other messages without uttering any words. Maintaining discretion and secrecy was very important if the couple was not yet married, and a young lady had to keep her good name, avoiding to make her feelings public. If, however, she wanted to tell her secret lover she missed him, she could fashion a bouquet of flowers conveying that message and carry it with her when she met him. He, in turn could respond by wearing the appropriate flower on the lapel.

Symbolic Flowers for the Wedding

Similarly, many young couples today choose to arrange flowers at their weddings based on special meanings. You can easily find out online what each flower represents, as well as what it is more appropriate for. An example is the beautiful Anemone, which signifies expectation and is very appropriate for bouquets and table arrangements. If you prefer something else, the Carnation is a classic flower ideal for bouquets, arrangements and even lapels. It comes in different colors and each of them means something else: the red carnation stands for love, whereas the pink one for boldness, and so on. Thus, your bouquet can be an assortment of messages and feelings, and you can have fun finding out whether choosing by meaning is always suitable from a decorative point of view as well. But flowers can also be used as inexpensive wedding favors, especially if you go for something that is in season, or for field flowers which are just as lovely and adorable.

Organize Your Flowers

Although it is the most pleasant responsibility, dealing with all the flower arrangements for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we advise you to draw up a wedding flower checklist that should contain details like the bride’s bouquet, the tossing bouquet – if you want to keep your original one, the bouquets for the maids of honor, the corsages for various guests in order of importance, boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen, flower table arrangements and so on. These are just a few examples, but there are many other places and situations in a wedding that require flowers, so it is best to know you have everything covered.

As you can see, you can truly have a unique wedding through the flowers you choose, and each bouquet present there can have a special signification. Even the bridesmaids’ bouquets can have special symbolism and could contain flowers that signify hope, friendship, good wishes and other appropriate feelings. Start finding out what the meanings of flowers are today and create your beautiful and unique bouquets. What’s more, you can also choose these beautiful flowers as gardening gifts for women.