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Planning the perfect wedding

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While being a bride is every little girl’s dream, planning the event can be quite overwhelming. You have this perfect image in your head about how you want the whole day to turn out. However a lot of brides get lost in the details and forget what this day truly stands for. Remember that small details will not ruin your day and that you must enjoy the experience. Delegate some of the less important tasks to the bridesmaids and focus on the important things.

  • The wedding dress

This is probably the most important aspect of the wedding day. On this special event all eyes are on the bride, therefore looking impeccable is essential. Choose a memorable dress that accents your features and makes you feel precious.

  • Hair and makeup

Most women go to a beauty salon in order to try out sophisticated updo wedding hairstyles or short wedding hairstyles. Nevertheless, this option can be quite expensive and rather pointless considering the fact that the internet is an endless source of inspiration and information. There are countless wedding blogs where you can find not only helpful tutorials on updo wedding hairstyles but also makeup tutorials and even diy decoration ideas.

  • The bouquet

When designing the wedding bouquet try to use your favorite flowers. It is important to make this day special for you, so don’t just choose the most fancy and expensive bouquet. Adding a personal touch will make you treasure it even more. For example you can design it by using the flowers that your fiance gave you on your first date.

  • Decorations

No matter what location you choose for celebrating your love it is essential to decorate it in a proper manner. Tasteful decorations can give a classy look to any space. Furthermore the centerpiece is an important part of any decor. If you want a special ambiance you can even choose a theme for your wedding. After all, what can be more romantic than getting married in a Parisian decor?

  • The invitations

Although you have told everyone you knew that you were engaged five minutes after your fiance popped the question, you should still send people save-the-day cards at least two months in advance. Ask them to confirm their presence as soon as possible. Knowing the exact number of guests can help a lot with the decorating and the seating process.

  • The seating chart

In order to have a beautiful and fun reception, your guests must be comfortable. Make sure that everybody will have somebody familiar to talk to but don’t split them into groups. You want to avoid the possibility of the reception being split in several smaller gatherings.

  • The music

Whether you choose a band or a DJ, give extra attention to the play list and try to combine different tastes. Although this is your special day, you shouldn’t make everyone listen to sad romance songs. You want people to have fun on your wedding day and having the right music is essential for that goal.