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Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

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The maid of honor is usually an unmarried woman, close to the bride, who helps her with the wedding, taking care of some important parts of the wedding. The groom is most of the times of little help or not as much help as the bride would want him to be, therefore the role of maid of honor is one of the most important ones in guaranteeing that the bride’s and groom’s wedding is going to be an accomplishment. This duty is usually much appreciated by the bride who puts a lot of thought into ideas for bridesmaid gifts, so that she can thank her close friend for her valuable help.

When helping the bride with the wedding, the maid of honor partly becomes a secretary, counselor, delivery person, assistant, mediator, decorator and mostly anything you can think of that needs planning concerning the wedding, the maid of honor needs to put herself at the bride’s disposal. We have encompassed in the following lines the maid of honor duties checklist with the most important responsibilities a maid of honor has to meet:

  • Help the bride scout wedding locations. Most of the times the bride will be needing help in opting for one location where the ceremony and party will be held. A maid of honor should offer her help to the bride in choosing the location. Once the location is chosen, the date and time of the wedding need to be set, as well.
  • Next on the maid of honor duties checklist should be to help the bride select the wedding invitations and help with the preparation of the invitations.
  • Explore floral choices and other options involving the process of decorating.
  • Another important task that needs to be on the maid of honor duties checklist is helping the bride find her wedding dress as well as the bridemaids’ dresses. Oversee the entire process of acquiring the dresses: fittings, delivery, etc.
  • Help the bride draft a seating chart for the guests. This is a tricky part in planning a wedding as, for example an aunt on the bride’s part may not be so fond of an uncle on the groom’s part. So the bride will really need  help in figure where to seat each guest.
  • Two key tasks on the maid of honor duties checklist, that need special attention are hosting and planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party.
  • Help the bride and the groom plan their honeymoon
  • Attend cake tasting parties, also offer her opinion regarding cakes. Also, attend all types of tasting parties or catering meetings and offer her opinion.
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.
  • Draft a list of all the gifts received.
  • Prepare speech/toast for the wedding dinner.
  • Plan a Bachelorette Party of a Wedding Shower. This is a great opportunity for the bride to relieve some of the wedding stress. Make the party fun with games and cute ideas for bridesmaid gifts.

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