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Last Minute Wedding Checklist

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Your engagement period was a tumultuous enough period of planning and pre-wedding celebrations, dinners and parties, all of these made as a preparation for the wedding day. You have been on the run the whole time – looking for and trying on bridal dresses, interviewing caterers or photographers, tasting cakes and other meals. You may think you got them all covered, but you will be surprised to realize there are still many things to do or to check, as some wedding details may have been overlooked during this chaotic period.

Therefore, in case you did forget something, we have encompassed a last minute wedding checklist, so be sure you take a look over it, before heading to the altar.

–          Thank all your friends, families and everyone invited at your wedding for their gifts. You need to write and send thank you notes as this is a very important step to tick on your last minute wedding checklist. By doing this you will let them know that you enjoy the gifts they have sent you and that they have been received and have not been lost in the mail.

–          Verify that you have all your honeymoon details are all set, such as: your passports, hotel reservations, plane tickets or train tickets, etc. In order to be sure you are all set and ready to leave right after the wedding, you need to check all these details with your travel agent. Do all your shopping for all the items you will be needing in your honeymoon before the trip; packing your stuff a week before leaving for your trip is a good idea, as well.

–          Make sure you have bought all the necessary accessories for the wedding, for example: ring pillow, a basket for the flower girl, toasting glasses, guest book and pen, bride bouquet, cake knife, etc.

–          Prepare your wedding accessories and dress (wedding day jewelry, shoes, hosiery). This is an important thing to do on your last minute wedding checklist as it will help you to get dressed easier and to not waste any precious time. Prepare the clothes you are going to wear on the plane (or train, car, etc.), as well, and have them brought to you at the reception by someone you can rely on.

–          Prepare a “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”. This will include: makeup, breath mints, hair brush, hair spray, mini sewing kit, safety pins, tissues, matching finger nail polish, a pair of shoes that are comfortable so you can change into them, cash and change, a list of important names and phone numbers.

–          And last but not least, you really need to tick off your last minute wedding checklist: Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Something New.

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