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How to Turn a Rustic Location into a Lovely Wedding Venue

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Rustic weddings are very popular at the moment. However, it is important to understand that despite the fact that these types of wedding receptions look very natural and relaxed, there is actually a lot of careful consideration that goes into the planning of such events. Today, we are going to talk about some decorating factors that you need to consider if you want to have a rustic wedding.

The location

A rustic wedding cannot happen at a fancy restaurant. There are some rustic themed restaurants that can work for such an event. Most of them have a log cabin vibe. However, the best rustic weddings are those that actually take place in authentic rustic locations such as a barn. Outdoor locations can also work great for such events.

The main decor elements

The beauty of this type of weddings lies in the fact that they combine rough naturalness with delicate details. For example, say you pick a barn as the location for your wedding reception. In this case, your main decoration concern should be the ceiling. It is essential to create a magical atmosphere. You can achieve this in numerous ways. You can use tulle that you can hang from the ceiling in a tent style. Light installations are also essential for such events as they add a touch of magic to the overall wedding atmosphere. For the ceiling decor, you can also use paper lanterns (preferably white) or paper flag garlands. If you want to combine the rustic theme with a shabby chic vibe, you can even use vintage chandeliers as the main ceiling decor elements. The same decorating ideas that you use in a barn can also be successfully used for outdoor weddings. However, with outdoor weddings, you will have to put a lot more emphasis on the ambient lighting.

Table decor

The best thing about rustic weddings is the fact that if you put some time and effort into them, they can cost you next to nothing. You can find a lot of rustic decorations for sale, but if you are planning your wedding on a budget, you might want to consider making your own table decor. Wood is a main decor element used for these types of weddings. If you want to create a unique and authentic centerpiece, simply take a medium sized log, hollow it out and use it as a vase. However, you might also want to consider putting a bowl or a glass (depending on how you carve the log) inside the log in order to avoid water leaks on the tables. Mason jars can also be used as table decorations. You can wrap them with twine and use them either as vases or as candle holders. You can also use acorns, walnuts and pine cones in order to create unique centerpieces. Simply take some different sized candles and some wooden bowls. Place the candles inside the bowls and surround them with acorns, nuts and small pine cones. Burlap tablecloths can also go great for such events and the same can be said for vintage crates and twig decorations.