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Choosing the Wedding Cake

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Every detail is important when it comes to organizing your wedding. It has to be a special and memorable day, and you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Moreover, you have to find a balance between choosing the things you like and making sure your guests will enjoy the event as well. As such, one of the things that you have to choose according to your and your guests’ tastes is the wedding cake. This is just one of the reasons why finding a good wedding cake is difficult, but there are other considerations as well. In what follows, you will find a simple guide that will help you make the right decisions and be certain this aspect will lead to a perfect wedding.

The Wedding Theme

Most people choose a theme for their weddings, because it helps bring the event together and make it really special. As a result, the wedding cake is usually chosen on the same criteria, at least where its appearance is concerned. But some wedding themes as not that obvious or straightforward, so they don’t necessarily indicate an exact type of cake. This is why planning your wedding cake should occur in parallel with planning the rest of the wedding; if you use a wedding planning checklist, you should find the right timeline for everything. Otherwise, it can be a good choice to start thinking about your wedding cake even a year in advance, so there is enough time to search and decide.

Inspiration and Taste

Nobody expects you to be a cake expert, which is why future brides and grooms have a lot of helpful information to use. Bridal magazines can be a good way to start looking for various types of cakes and find inspiration; there are also bridal forums, chat groups and websites that exemplify the best types of wedding cakes, and where you can discuss with others like you. What you have to keep in mind is that the taste and type of cake are just as important as how you choose to have it decorated. In fact, you could even decide on the decorating later on, when you’ve seen more designs and have found the perfect choice. Until then, you should start looking for bakers in your area and even go on a tasting spree to decide what would be suitable to your tastes.

Common Cake Types

As you make your way through bakeries tasting cake types, you will discover that most couples opt for fruitcakes, which are light and not so sweet to the taste, or chocolate cake, which can be overly sweet if not made with quality chocolate. However, there are other less common choices as well, such as the cupcake tree, which consists of a tower of cupcakes; an advantage is that you can choose different flavors and frostings for a cupcake tree, and you can even cater special cakes for those with particular needs, like someone suffering from diabetes. Cheese cake and cookies are another less traditional option, but which can work ideally in some situations.

Finishing Touches

By the time you have found a baker you like, you should have chosen a cake design as well, so you can discuss with them and see whether they can deliver it exactly as you like it. Creating a visual wall can help you decide on what you like best, so every time you find a cake you like, you snap a photo and add it to your wall. You can cut photos from magazines, print images from the internet, and so on, until you have enough choices and can start to eliminate them. When you choose your baker, it is common courtesy to have a tasting of their best cakes, so at least a sample of the cake you chose, so you can determine whether it is well made and tastes good. Some bakers advertise marzipan cakes, but they actually dress the cake in fondant, which does not taste very good, yet is easy to manipulate into shapes. You should also have a budget for your cake, and choose its size according to the number of guests.

All in all, these steps should help you find a cake that is very tasty, that is enough to serve all guests, and that looks as good as possible.