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Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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The centerpieces are the important part of the wedding reception as they are the main table decor elements. As such, you need to give proper consideration to these details. Sadly, wedding centerpieces can be very expensive. Nevertheless, if you put some thought and effort into it, you can make your own wedding centerpieces. In this article, we have gathered some splendid ideas which will help you create some centerpieces far more beautiful than any that you could buy already made.

Flowers and floating candles

These wedding centerpiece ideas look best with long, cylindrical clear vases. If you get your hands on such vases, all you have to do is put some water in them, add a flower stamp in each vase and a floating candle on top. For extra decor stimulation, you can also place some river rocks in the vases. However, we have to warn you that tall centerpieces are not the best idea. They look good but are not practical and can even create inconveniences for your guests as they impede their vision, thus making it difficult for people sitting across each other to socialize. Thus, we advise you to choose shorter vases (some glasses could also work). Instead of a single flower stamp, put a couple of flower heads in the water (orchids look best). Arrange several such glasses on the table and you will obtain a magical table decor.

Wine glass centerpieces

The following idea is great for an outdoor wedding. Furthermore, this is by far the simplest and cheapest wedding centerpiece that you can make, and it certainly doesn’t lack charm. All you need are some flower heads (preferably peonies or other flowers with thing and numerous petals), some wine glasses and come candles. Place the wine glasses upside down on the table, put a flower head underneath the upside down glass bowl and a candle on top of the glass’s base. Arrange several such glasses across a table and you will obtain a unique wedding decor with minimum effort. For a more colorful effect, choose candles of a different color than the flower heads.

Tree branches centerpieces

For the following idea, you will need some vases of your choice, some flowers (not too many) and some tree branches and some crystal bead strings. Place the branches in the vases, their length should be at least double the length of the vase. Place the flowers in the vase around the branches (only the flower heads should be visible). All you have to do know is randomly hand the bead strings in the branches. If you have a winter themed wedding, you could first dip the branches in glue and then roll them in coarse salt for an extra frosty effect.

As you can see these centerpieces are not only easy to do but also very cheap. You can toy around with other ideas, but keep this in mind: the most expensive thing about a centerpiece are the flowers. Therefore, if you want to save money, try to minimize the use of flowers.