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Wedding checklist timeline

One of our life priorities is known to be the union between us and somebody else that we wish to see every day from now on. Either way you find the quote mentioned above as a fact or just something that can be changed, it is utterly important to agree to one thing – a…


Winter wedding ideas

Have you ever wondered what the perfect season for a wedding is? If yes, then you are at the right place! All we can tell you is that that one is the one that conquered your heart – if you are a heat lover, then summer is best for you, but if you love the…


Wedding budget

Nowadays, one of the most important aspects to most of us is money. Either way we seem to cope with that briefly, there comes a time in everyone’s life when priorities changes and you wish to have more, and how can you do that if not by making more. In case you are wondering how…


Wedding flowers

Apart from all the preparations that have to be made before a wedding, there are some details which every bride and groom have to take into account with a high level of interest. Wedding flowers are the small colorful pieces that complete the ceremony, the environment, the dresses of the brides made and even the…


Wedding planning timeline

Nowadays, planning is everything if you wish to have the outcome expected. We all know that time means money, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when something seems to be over it – the wedding. Since we are all looking for our half through our lives, when the moment to unite our destiny…