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12 Month Wedding Checklist

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Weddings are all about planning and can turn into a big headache if you do not know how to get organized. Bride experts broadly advise all brides to start planning their wedding 12 months in advance. There are in general 6 main stages in planning a wedding: the 12 month stage, the 6 month stage, the 3 month stage, the 1 month stage, the week before the wedding stage, and the last stage – the wedding day.

If you recently got engaged and you are starting to think about the ceremony, picturing it all in your mind, but you are not quite sure where to begin; we have made a list – a 12 month wedding checklist, to be more precise, that every bride should follow in order to have a successful wedding and to make sure she does not forget anything of the many things that need to be done.

So, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and excited, as well, when thinking about your big day, stay calm, because we have something for you that will ease your mind, just take a look at the below 12 month wedding checklist:

–                    Firstly, try to envision your wedding (most of you have been doing it for years, so it should not create any problems now) and calculate an according budget (now this can actually raise some problems)

–                    An important aspect on the 12 month wedding checklist is to establish whether you need a planning team or you can do this on your own, with maybe a little help from your groom. If you determine that you will be in need of assistance, this is the time to choose your maid of honor as she will be very useful in planning your wedding. Also, you may want to consider the idea of hiring a wedding consultant.

–                    Decide what style the wedding ceremony is going to be (formal, informal, semi-formal, its size,  setting)

–                    Set your wedding date and time. Before choosing these you need to scout for a location for the ceremony and for the party, check with the important guests and look for a person to officiate the wedding (this person is called officiant and will practically be the person who will marry you). Also, apply for the necessary license.

–                    Start compiling a guest list.

–                    Another important aspect that you need to tick on your 12 month wedding checklist is to arrange for your families to meet (if they have not met yet). Your parents need to know each other, especially if you want them to finance a part of or the whole wedding.

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